Monday, September 01, 2008

Unless the telemarker IS the shy guy...

Caller ID can only take you so far -- if someone's got their phone blocked, and they call you, you have no way of knowing if you should pick up, or who called you. It's even worse, though, because people who block Caller ID are likely to have unlisted numbers, so you could be getting bugged (or worse) by people who are impossible to trace.

Or, should I say: WERE impossible to trace -- because has a Reverse Phone Lookup service that makes it quick and easy to find out whose calling you -- type in a number, and they'll tell you if it's in their database. They've got tons and tons of numbers (including mine; I checked) so the odds are, that telemarketer or shy guy from English class is listed in there -- and you want to know if it's one or the other calling you, because you'd hate to make a date with the telemarketer, wouldn't you?

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