Friday, September 26, 2008

What's One Play Thinking?

One play thinking is a scourge in which people ... well, you'll just have to go read about "One Play Thinking" over on my sports blog, "Nonsportsmanlike Conduct!" -- it's a sports blog unlike any other sports blog. You'd expect that from me, wouldn't you? I'm not like anyone else, so why would my sports blog be like anyone else's?

On Nonsportsmanlike Conduct!, I look at life through the lens of Sports -- just like here, I look at life through the lens of what's The Best. So there's no jock talk or stats or junk like that. That stuff is boring.

Instead, what you get is essays on "One Play Thinking," and why it'd be so great if a team could go 0-for-Everything, and you get "Whodathunkit?" that tells you the real things you want to know about sports -- like, say, how the Packers could have kept Favre by being a bit more like the fans of the show "Jericho." And you get "But Is It A Sport?" -- I've tested auto racing, homing pigeons, fencing, and more.

Even if you don't like sports, you'll like Nonsportsmanlike Conduct! -- so try it out today, and find out what "One Play Thinking" is.

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