Monday, September 08, 2008

Bonus: Once she's done with it, you'll have it for watching football games!

Having just celebrated the Babies! second birthday, Sweetie and I were thinking back on the past two years and the nine months that came before it. One thing she'll never forget: just how hard it was to get comfortable when she was nine months pregnant with twins. If we'd only known about Bean Bag Bazaar -- an online store that sells nothing but bean bag furniture and accessories.

These aren't your kids' bean bag chairs; they've got superlarge ones and couch bean bags and faux leather bean bags -- all available online; there's over 250 bean bags to choose from.

Plus, they've got maternity bean bags! Check out their press release:

Leading UK Bean Bag manufacturer Bean Bag Bazaar has expanded its maternity line to include a selection of stylish new products aimed at mums to be.

Maternity bean bags are now available in a range of colours and fabrics and provide unbeatable comfort during the various stages of pregnancy.

Bean Bag Bazaar is currently offering huge discounts through its online store at, with up to 50% off the RRP on some items.

Sweetie would have been far more comfortable in the final months of her pregnancy with something like that; I'm passing it on to make sure that you know about it for your own Sweeties.

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