Friday, September 12, 2008

Is this about typing, or public records? You decide!

Finding out everything about everyone keeps getting easier, and you don't even have to be Dick Cheney to do it. Now, anyone with a computer and the ability to type can do an onlinepublic records search at Public Records Database; and typing actually is optional, since you can do that hunt-and-peck maneuver. But please don't; learn to type, for crying out loud -- this is 2008, and everybody needs to use computers, which means you need to know how to type. I remember, back in law school, my roommate used to hunt-and-peck to do assignments, and I'd hear him in his room, clicking on one letter every 30 seconds or so, and it drove me nuts! Nuts! Eventually I'd get up and offer to type it for him if he'd just stop clicking like that, and he'd let me and then I'd say "You have to learn how to type" and...

Hey, I just now realized why it was he did that. That jerk! I'm going to get him for using me like that. And I can find him, track him down -- by using the Public Records Database, which is easy and quick and doesn't cost all that much to find out public records ranging from sex offender registries to divorce records to more and more and more. And I'll find them even faster, because I can type.

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