Monday, September 15, 2008

Indiana Jones, a turtle, and a man-eating shark walk into a bar...

One of the great things about having young kids is the ability to start buying and wearing halloween costumes again without worrying about what people think. I mean, I don't hang out with a crowd of people who likes to throw costume parties or anything, and the older kids are older, so they don't dress up anymore. That generally means that I have very little opportunity to dress up as Indiana Jones -- outside of my job, that is. People love a lawyer with a bullwhip. But that's a different story.

Now, though, with the Babies! hitting trick-or-treating age, I get to not only buy them costumes, but also get one for myself, because I can't POSSIBLY take them out to get candy without dressing up myself, right? (That's what I tell Sweetie, so back me up on this.)

And I assumed that I would, in fact, be dressing up as Indy this year until I saw the adult costumes at Eastern Adult costumes like the Man Eating Shark costume:

Imagine how awesome that's going to be to walk around our neighborhood in.

They've also got greatchildrens costumes at excellent prices. I'm partial to animal costumes for kids, and they have tons of those, including a turtle costume that I think I'll pick up for Mr Bunches -- he's a speedster, so it's IRONIC. Or something. Maybe not ironic, but it's something-- and I could go with a little Indy Jones costume for Mr F -- because if there's one thing cooler than a lawyer with a bullwhip, it's a toddler with a bullwhip, right?

Eastern has toys and accessories for costumes, too, and they'll ship within a couple of days of your order -- including on Fridays. I nearly got lost with all the costume choices they have -- and had to hold myself back from ordering more than I need, since the prices were so low.

So when you see Indiana Jones and a turtle holding hands with a man-eating shark as they cross the street, you'll know where we got those costumes from -- and hopefully you'll have gotten your own there, too!

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