Sunday, September 07, 2008

Plus, Sweetie Always Makes Me Watch Law & Order.

With fall coming, you're going to be spending a lot more time inside your house. That means a lot more time sitting on the couch, or around the kitchen table, or ... well, those are the only two places I really sit. I lay on the bed, though, so that counts. Actually, I kind of sit up a little and lay a little on the bed, because the TV is on the other side of Sweetie and although she's little, she piles up all these cushions and stuffed animals so that it's like some sort of Rocky Mountains of stuffed Kermit The Frogs and I have trouble seeing the TV...

I digress. Spending more time around the house means more time around your furniture, the old beat-up furniture you still have from your first apartment in college, furniture that still smells vaguely like you did in college (i.e., like stale beer and desperation).

Not attractive. So fix it up now-- from the comfort of your own home, the comfort that will soon be even more comfortable with Furniture From Home.

Furniture From Home has furniture for every room in your house, from captain beds and Storage Beds to help you block your husband from watching TV in style, to living room and dining room furniture.

For you people who are lucky enough to work from home, check out Furniture From Home's selection of Home Office Furniture - it's enough to make me want to work from home. Or at least tell my boss I'm going to do that, and then come home and spend my day at home just like I do at the office -- only with sweet Home Office Furniture - like the Executive Desk they've got on their website.

The really nice thing about Furniture From Home is right in the name - -you can get it right from your home. They've got pictures of everything, so it's just like you're wandering around one of those giant furniture warehouses, except for the wandering around part, and except for the giant warehouse part. Instead, just click around their easy-to-navigate website, organized by rooms, and select the furniture you want. Then, they ship it to your house -- FREE.

Fall means more time in the house; enjoy it with new furniture from Furniture From Home.

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