Wednesday, September 24, 2008

After double checking, I think the world might have as many as FIFTEEN different species.

When it comes to having work done for you, should you get a specialist or generalist? That is, should you get someone who does a little bit of everything, or someone who does only one thing?

If you're getting, say, a carpenter, the generalist might be okay. Build a cabinet, put up a deck, make an ark capable of holding all the animals in the world for forty days -- that's all well and good and if you mess up a little, what's the worst that happens? The cabinet doesn't close tight, or you don't fit the unicorns into the ark and they cease to exist as a species. Big deal, right? You don't put anything in that cabinet, and we've got, like, ten other species at least.

But if you're getting plastic surgery, you want a specialist: you don't want someone working on your face who spends most of his or her time doing tummy tucks, do you? Not if you don't want your face to resemble a tummy, you don't.

That's why you want to go with Dr. Ross Clevens at the Center For Facial Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Ross Clevens specializes in facial plastic surgery and facial reconstructive surgery; he's not spending his days vacuuming out Kim Kardashian's thighs and butt, he's spending his days making sure people's faces look the way they want them to look.

You can find out about Dr. Ross Clevens, the center, and more at has information about Dr. Ross Clevens and his practice; it has experts answering questions about skin care and cosmetic procedures, it has reviews and opinions about products and procedures, and it's got a tab to help you find qualified doctors in your area. RealSelf's commitment is to providing you, the consumer, with qualified information about skin care, beauty regimens, and cosmetic surgery -- free of spam and endorsements and bias. The site was founded a coupleof years ago when Tom Seery, who set it up, realized that his wife was right: you can find out more information about hotel towels than you can about cosmetic surgery. So he set up to help rectify that and provide the missing information -- and the site delivers.

Check it out for yourself today.

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