Monday, September 15, 2008

A dream employee might spend a little more time working than I do.

It's both tougher and easier to find a job nowadays. Tougher because of the economic climate and because of the increased competition --but easier because the Internet has opened up the job search method to let you search for dozens, or hundreds, of jobs, anywhere, and to do so quickly and without lots of tedious resume-mailing, traveling to other states, or getting your fingers stained by ink from classified ads.

So sites like, which features Minneapolis jobs that are searchable and easy to navigate do a huge favor for you -- on both levels. They make it easier to locate a job, or a better job, and make it easier, therefore, to navigate through tough economic times.

I'm happy in my job; but if I wasn't, I'd head over to their site, because it features not only a ton (not literally) of jobs, but it also has sections for career advice and other helpful information-- making it more than just a classified ads site. You can even post your resume there, if you want, so instead of going looking for jobs, you can have the jobs come looking for you.

They've got lists and lists of employers that are hiring in Minnesota, so whatever your skill level and experience level, you can likely find yourself a good situation -- and it's not just quick, but it's free.

Employers, don't feel left out; they'll let you post your needs on their site, too. So whether you're hiring or looking to be hired, click one of these links and get going on your new dream job or find your new dream employee.

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