Thursday, September 11, 2008

My life used to be pretty exciting; now it's just pretty convenient.

In my "real job," where I "work," as a "practicing lawyer," I occasionally take a break from blogging and watching "Herman's Head" reruns online and "practice law." Part of what I do is collections and family law work, which means I'm always in the process of trying to find out about people's pasts, sometimes when they would rather that I didn't.

That doesn't require investigators, bribes, and guns, like it did in the old days (2002). Instead, it just requires a computer and the Government Registry of Divorce records, which has easy and pretty-much-instantaneous online access to things like Texas Divorce Records -- or divorce records from any other state. It's just a quick search, and a nominal fee for some information, and I've got the information I need.

So, less exciting -- but more convenient. Life's a trade-off.

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