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Briane (me!) is the guy who sets up this blog and writes most of the stories on here.

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In case, you know, you don't want to randomly flip around a bunch of posts. Click the underlined part, in case you are unfamiliar with how links work.

Thinking Man: these are scifi and fantasy stories inspired by classic sci-fi and fantasy stories. You'll love 'em! And hopefully if you represent any of the people who wrote the originals you will think homage and not lawsuit.

Infinite Monkeys: They don't fit into other categories.  Not quite stories, not quite essays, usually funny always a little weird: it's what you might get if an infinite number of monkeys also had insomnia. AND WORD PROCESSORS. That's what they used to call computers! Click that title!

Short Stories With Long Titles. Stories about military tribunals and giraffe gods and missing kids and helpful chess pieces and dinosaurs and the poet laureate and more.

250=1. Short stories.  Really short.  EXACTLY 250 words, each of them.  They're like snack chips only in story form! You can't eat just one.  You can't eat any of them, actually.  They're stories. The index to them all is right here.

Horror stories. The scary stuff.  It's what I started writing, way back when, and I come back to it now and again. NOT for the faint of heart.  Am I overselling it? I think not.

Serialized stories:These are stories that appear in bits and pieces.  You know who started that kind of thing? Charles Dickens. Well, maybe he didn't start it, but he did it.  He was also friends with Edward Bulwer-Lytton.  You probably know that guy but don't remember why. So you're smarter than you think but not as smart as you ought to be.

Friday's Sunday's Poems. Why they're called that is a story for another day.  I write poems!

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