Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sweetie wins another debate.

We have been thinking about fixing up our house -- painting the walls, redoing the bathroom, maybe new carpeting, but then this weekend, Sweetie convinced me to nix that idea. See, we're hoping to move in the next year or two, and we don't want to put a lot of permanent stuff into this house if we don't need to do so.

But I would like our current house to look nicer and be comfortable in the meanwhile -- so I got Sweetie's permission to begin thinking about upgrading furniture.

I got that permission by pointing out Max Furniture to her. Max Furniture lets me shop for furniture online -- so I don't leave her home with all the kids and we don't have to bundle up the twins and trudge through giant warehouses of furniture while the Babies! cry and try to escape-- and Max Furniture has furniture for every room in the house-- seriously, every room. They've even got furniture for rooms I don't have, but which I might want to have -- like game rooms-- or rooms that I kind of have but need to improve, like a home office. My "home office" right now is a desk near the kitchen; but with the home office furniture from Max Furniture, I could have a real home office.

The most exciting of all was the living room furniture they've got. Sectionals, sleeper sofas, home theater furniture, even fireplaces -- all right there on the website.

Who'd have ever imagined we'd get to the point in history where you can have a fireplace delivered? Me -- and I'm glad we're finally there.

Max Furniture even does "White Glove" delivery-- order, and they'll contract with a local delivery service to come in, unpack it, do some light assembly, and haul away some junk, too. The shipping rates are reasonable-- and some of their clearance items have free shipping right now!

So I'm going to be spending a lot of time shopping and improving our house, picking out the new furniture to jazz up the old place, and fit right in at the new place-- thanks to Max Furniture.

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