Monday, September 29, 2008

Help That Doesn't Come From D.C.

Small business owners: Don't wait for Congress to bail you out. It ain't gonna happen. Instead, you have to take your business' future into your own hands and make sure that you have the financial backing and smart assistance that you need to keep your business solid, profitable, and growing.

Merchant Advisors' small business loans is just one of the many ways that Merchant Advisors can help you. They work with companies -- all kinds of companies -- to help obtain business loans and raise working capital in a variety of different manners.

They work to remove roadblocks from your growth by making the process of getting credit easier and quicker. They reduce the requirements for loans and have no closing costs. Their program has a 90% loan approval rate!

From SBA loans to any other kind of business loan, Merchant Advisors can help provide the credit to get you through the economic crunch -- approving your loan in 48 hours and getting the money to you in 5-7 days. So if you apply today, you'll know by Wednesday if you're approved (with a 90% shot of being approved) and could get the money by Friday.

Merchant Advisors is so committed to helping you that they'll even take poor credit businesses and a second position -- so if you already owe money but need a little more, they can help.

Merchant Advisors can even help you with other areas of financing, like invoice factoring or franchise financing; but their loan program is the one that is most attractive right now, and you can apply online, so you don't have to take too much time out of your day of running your business: no trips to the bank and onerous presentations and flow charts; instead, just a quick and easy online application and you'll likely have the credit you need to grow your business.

Regardless of the type of business you run, you need money to help run it. A business loan can help get you through a dry spell, or increase your productivity by adding on staff or facilities or taking on more inventory... you know what you need the money for -- and you know that you need the money.

Merchant Advisors has the money, and wants to help you. Let them.

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