Index to Other Authors' Works on This Site

While lit originally started as a place for me to showcase my writing, I decided to publish other writers' work starting in the fall of 2013, after noting a dearth of places writers could submit and get paid.  Here is a list of every story and person who's ever contributed to this site:

The Language Of Nythos, by Phillip Leon: "Dampness. Darkness. Silence. Silence most, above anything else." A brief visit to a fascinating world that has only just begun.

Zoo Keeper, by Brian Miller: "James was a paper boy" but not the kind of boy who delivers the news to your front door. A fleeting glimpse into a tenuous but beautiful connection between kids.

October, by Liam Konemann: "When October creeps up, it brings summer with it." And in the summer, people sometimes return to their childhood homes, which are home no longer. 

Sippy Cups, Earbuds, and Something That Surely Isn't Wine, by Tina Downey, "The flies are really starting to get on Lisa's nerves," but worse is what is going on in this town... or in her mind?

Mr Wilson's Cat, by Brian Miller: "Mr. Wilson lived alone in the two story wood house on the corner."  The cats didn't live with him. They didn't even like him, it seems. 

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