Friday, September 26, 2008

Be very good at getting someone who's very good at what they do.

Spend 56 years doing something and you learn a lot about that thing that you're doing. You become, if you spend 56 years doing something, an expert at it.

That's what happened with Belzona. Belzona began in 1952 doing something that sounds simple: they protected zinc from corrosion. From there, the company grew into a leader in the Industrial Repair field. They've now got over 50 different products designed to be the top in the field. Products ranging from Ceramic coatings to other types of Coating sealants and repair products. Their stuff can be used on engines, gaskets, pumps, roof problem areas, tanks, and valve pipes and fittings -- to name a few -- and they'll be ready, whereever you are. They've got 200 distributors in over 160 countries, so unless you're in Antarctica or on the moon, they'll be able to get to where you are.

And you'll want them to come to where you are, because their consultants -- backed with 56 years of experience, remember-- will get there, figure out what the problem is, tell you what the solution to the problem is, then train people on-site and supervise them to make the correction.

You don't stay around as a business for 56 years without being very good at what you do. You don't grow into a worldwide company without being very good at what you do. Belazona has been around for 56 years and is a worldwide company... which means they're very good at what they do.

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