Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's time for a Bonfire of the Vanities for the 21st Century

That is, it is time to take those old vanities you have in your house and burn them. (Get them out of your house first!)

Sorry, but I couldn't resist working Tom Wolfe's book into the title of this post -- because I have a double association with the word "Vanities," since I loved that book and I love good quality furniture, like the Double Vanity you can get online from

Catchy name, isn't it? They're having a sale right now-- buy before December, 2008, and get free shipping, free shipping on any Bathroom Vanity you could decide you want.

A new bathroom vanity is an easy and neat way to jazz up that old bathroom; it doesn't require a major makeover like redoing the tub, you don't have to get down and grout tile, and it's way more functional than a new shower curtain, and the Bathroom Vanities you can get online from will fit into any style or size of bathroom.

Oak, marble, even GLASS vanities are available, and these are some neat looking designs. The glass vanities, especially, are amazing-- I'm almost hypnotized, looking at them.

They've even got Discount Bathroom Vanities, so it'll be easier than ever to convince your husband or wife that this is the time to upgrade your bathroom.

Once you've picked out the new vanity online, make sure you check out their selection of linen cabinets and bathroom mirrors, too. It'll be like having an entirely new bathroom where your old dingy one used to be!

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