Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Closer Look At... The Best Celebrity Recipe AND The Best Female Chef...

I didn't think that The Best Celebrity Recipe could be improved upon; how could anyone top something that was created by Elvis and included peanut butter?

But I didn't reckon with Sweetie's ingenuity and the impact of The Best Female Chef. Sweetie and I both watch TV cooking shows. We watch them not so much because we ever intend to actually cook the recipes they make -- especially because lots of those recipes involve fish or a lot of work or both, and I find neither of those (fish or work) palatable at dinner time -- but because it's a good way to sort of chill out and relax without thinking too much. Watching a whole TV show involves a lot of mental energy and sometimes I just don't have that to give.

But watching those cooking shows does give us ideas for how to jazz up the basic meals we make a lot of; we might never make a sour-cream-and-onion waffle with lingonberry syrup (an actual Rachael Ray recipe) but watching that cooking show does at least give an idea of how to jazz up something we do make.

Like today, when Sweetie made me for my lunch a peanut-butter and banana sandwich... on waffles.

So Elvis+Rachael Ray+ Sweetie = delicious.

Read the original Best Celebrity Recipe here; or read the original Best Female Chef here; or find out why Elvis rules here.

All this week, as it turns out, I've been relying on Sweetie's ideas, and now sandwiches, to keep me going. Here's a few more things Sweetie contributed:

The Best Sneetch

The Second Banana Theory.

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