Sunday, February 23, 2014

About The Author (Infinite Monkeys)

About The Author:

Jim had, quite literally, done nothing in his life other than finish his novel, a simple (if starkly boring) existence that led to this author bio on the inside of the back cover of the book that would go on to be a best seller:

About the author: Jim wrote this novel.

Jim, seeing this in black and white for the first time when his advanced copies arrived, felt as though it was wrong and the wrongness leapt at him from the dustcover, stared at him in black and white, again, quite literally.

About the author: Jim wrote this novel.

The truth, it is said, hurts, but this (unlike other things in this story) is not literal

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Language of Nythos (by Phillip Leon)

The Language of Nythos
by Phillip Leon

Dampness. Darkness. Silence. Silence most, above anything else. The great tree rose above Leo, tall and strong, silence radiating from it. Towering above him as though threatening to squash him with its might. A long, broken branch leaned close to the ground. With a deep breath, Leo slowly climbed up the branch.

He grabbed a nearby branch and pulled himself up to a growth on the tree. Spotting a rope he had tied to another limb, he grabbed it and swung up to a higher place on the unbelievably tall tree.

“Huh? Leo, is that you? Oh, hi!” a small, strong voice said.

“Hey Rocko!” Leo hated to use his full name, Rockobockotolo.

“Wactha here for today, Leo?”

“Oh, just the view,” Leo said as he fingered the smooth, red amulet around his neck.

With a flutter of wings, Rocko landed on Leo’s shoulder. “Yeah, its pretty nice up here.”

Leo rubbed the hoktie’s tiny head as he purred softly. But he was interrupted as from behind him came a cry of “Leo!” and five small, extremely agile black shapes pounced on his head.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This Week On Mars They Found A Rock. (Infinite Monkeys)

This Week On Mars They Found A Rock.

This week they found a rock on Mars, which itself isn’t so unlikely Buzz supposed, the entire planet is rocks, really but it was what the rock did that was so amazing to everyone, or maybe it was not so much what the rock did that was amazing but it was what everyone else did, or did not do, that made the rock seem so amazing.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Thinking Man's Blade Runner


(you can also get a copy at the end of the story.
Thinking Man stories are a new category for me. They are scifi stories loosely based on or inspired by great sci-fi stories of the past.  This is the first of them.

There are humans, and there are Codes, who are... human? Or not? What would you call a person who was born of a 28-day-old adult clone and had their personality implanted via computer program? Rick would call that person "Lila," and would be in love with her, maybe. Which is where the problem really begins...

The Thinking Man’s Blade Runner.

Uploading. 9%

The sound of explosions, behind him. He ignored them.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

2 Frogs (Infinite Monkeys)

2 Frogs
            That’s so jeely.

             So what? Said the first frog.
So jeely, said the second frog.  It’s a word I’m trying to invent.
What does a frog want to invent a word for? Asked the first frog.
I will tell you why I want to invent it once I know what it means, said the second frog.  I can’t tell you why I want to invent it until I know what it does.

            Whuh stuttered the first frog.
I mean if it is a great word that really catches on and lots of people use it then I want to invent it so that I can get rich off royalties…
That’s not how words…
...the second frog continued: but suppose it’s an evil word? Then I must want to invent it because I am up to no good.  I’m a bad frog. Maybe an evil frog, maybe.
Then again maybe I have just realized that there is a thing or action or emotion in this world that exists but has never been accurately described, and jeely is the word that will let people know what it is they have been looking at, the second frog said.
Or doing or feeling, the second frog added, after a pause. And then that would mean that I want to invent a word to help people better understand their world.
They sat in silence for a moment. A dragonfly flew by.
Well? Asked the first frog.  Which is it?
The second frog told him: How should I know?

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Q: Do I want readers, or do I want to write? A: I'M GOING WITH JERKSTORE! (ISWG)

Hey, before getting to the post, a plug: If you are a writer, I am going to pay you to write. Click the "WE PAY FOR STORIES" tab for details, but the gist of it is: send me your story, poem, etc. and I will PAY you. MONEY. 

Now, on to the post. 

This is an Insecure Writers Support Group Post.  Find out more about that group of fine (if insecure) writers by clicking here.

Alex Cavanaugh, who lives inside the Internet and has no corporeal existence, the other day exchanged tweets with me.  (You can follow me on Twitter by clicking here, and that way you will never miss out on my trenchant insights into how the pizza I am eating for breakfast tastes.)(Hint: DELICIOUS).

Alex noted that I'd signed up for the A-to-Z challenge this year, and asked if I was ready for "short posts and lots of comments."

I responded that I'd try to keep the posts short-ish, and Alex said:

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

hoc nunc est, quod tunc erat, et nunc… et nunc… et nunc…(Infinite Monkeys)

What happens when you destroy the world and everything in it to make yourself a god? You get sad, that's what.And then you have to fix things, which is easier and harder than you might realize, even though you are omniscient.

It took only seconds after Dendrion had blown up the Earth for him to miss it.