Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I could maybe have put up with that other Spice Girl, the red-haired one.

Who among us hasn't wanted to live David Beckham's life? Except for the part about being married to What's-her-Spice; I could do without that. But the rest of it: being popular, being rich, being able to play football at a level that most people can only imagine, being more popular, being more rich... that's the stuff for me.

Football Superstars new virtual football game allows you to Beckhamate your life: it's like fantasy football only a million times better. Register for the game and create a footballer (soccer player) based on yourself and then become immersed in the football life -- there's games and you get to play in them as a footballer, but there's so much more: clubs, parties, a world created for the Football Superstars of the digital world.

Most online RPGs just have you walking around living a regular life only as a blue elf or something. Where's the fun in that? Most fantasy leagues just have you pick real players and get scores based on them. Where's the fun in that? Most sports games let you play the game, but when the contest ends, the game ends? Where's the fun in that?

Football Superstars has all the fun those games should have, but don't. Play the football game, then live the footballer lifestyle, with Football Superstars.

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