Friday, September 12, 2008

Also, if you are one of the Death Cabs For Cutie, this is for you.

Let's say you're one of the guys in "Fall Out Boy" who's NOT marrying Ashlee Simpson. And you want to meet a girl who wants to marry one of the guys in Fall Out Boy who's not marrying Ashlee Simpson -- but that's tough, because when you go out in public, everyone's all like "Who's Fall Out Boy?"

There's an alternative for you: Emo Chat. This free emo chat room allows you to sign up (free -- which is good because it saves money for hair care products) and create an avatar, and chat with other people -- people who know who Fall Out Boy is and who YOU are. People who don't care about Ashlee Simpson and her nose of the week. People who understand about emotions and stuff.

Seriously, though -- Emo Chat is free, and it puts you in touch with other people who share your tastes in music and style and emotions. So check it out.

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