Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bikinis and Booties

Say the word "Booty Camp" and men get all excited. But, sorry guys: this Booty Camp is for the ladies only.

"Booty Camp" is a new fitness camp for women only. Find out more at -- and you'll want to find out more. This Guelph Boot Camp is a body-sculpting, ultimate-slimming workout to get you bikini ready; it can be done with as few as two nights per week.

The Booty Camp workout combines circuit training, core strengthening, functional stretching... this is sounding more and more exciting... and hand-to-hand cardio combat workouts. (That last one is no-contact, so don't worry that you have to learn to box.)

By heading on over to now, you can get a free fitness for women ebook right now -- it would otherwise cost you $29 smackeroonies, so that's quite a deal. So go there and find a Booty Camp workout in your city now.

Remember, guys: It's ladies only. You'll have to let the women go there, and then enjoy how their fabulous bodies look when they're done.

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