Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another place that knows a lot about you? The local aquarium.

Record searching keeps getting easier and easier; it used to be to find out about people, you had to go to city hall, or the library, or Domino's pizza (imagine how much information Domino's has about you from when you were in college -- what kind of pizza you liked, and, um... well, that's really about it. But that's enough, isn't it?)

Now, to find out about people, you only have to go to the Internet, and specifically to the Goverment Registry of Marriage Records online. It's simple, quick and cheap: type in a name, a state, an approximate age, and get information on marriages for that person -- handy if you want to find out if the person your dating is being honest with you; or if you'd like to locate heirs or maybe collect on that money you were owed. For a nominal fee, you can get even more information.

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