Thursday, September 25, 2008

The "Omega Speedmaster" will also be right at the top of the Christmas list.

I've had to stop wearing my watch recently; not because of anything being wrong with it, particularly, but because I've got a metal allergy and the watch band bothers me and makes me itch.

Which sounds sad, but it's not, for two reasons: one, I can set that watch aside and make sure that I pass it on to Mr F or Mr Bunches when they get a little older and want to wear watches, as opposed to what they do now with watches, which is lick them or send them down the slide in their playroom.

Two, it's not sad because I can get a new watch from The Watchery, and I know exactly which one I want. This one:

That, friends, is the Omega Constellation Double Eagle Automatic Chronograph Men's Watch. Or, as I call it, my Christmas present this year.

Look at how dignified yet adventurous that watch looks. The Roman numerals, the leather band, the solid workmanship, the chronographs, the fact that it's marked down by almost 50% and the fact that by ordering it I can get a second watch free...

those last two are not features solely of the Constellation Double Eagle. Pretty much every watch at The Watchery is way, way below retail price, and pretty much every watch offers you the opportunity to get a second watch free with your purchase; and if you don't get a free watch, you'll probably get up to 80% off the second watch.

They've got an amazing selection of watches over there, like the omega speedmaster, as well as all the other Omega watches, in men's and women's version, and all of them are marked down from the ordinary retail price.

I've got the Constellation penciled in at number one, the Omega Speedmaster at number two, and all the other watches for men at the Watchery tied at number three; go make your selection for your own watch now.

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