Friday, September 12, 2008

Google has not yet indexed Earth-Shazam.

If you're looking for a business in your area, what do you do? In the olden days (2002) you would probably have gotten out the moldy phone book that you kept under the sink by the Comet cleansing powder. See how old-fashioned that was? "Cleansing powder?" Come on!

Nowadays (2008) you probably Google it -- but that's not great, either. While you don't get cleansing powder all over you (depending on just how messy your computer area is; maybe you keep your computer under the sink, too) you also don't get great results, because Google has results from not just your city, or country, but from the entire world. For all I know, Google now includes results from OTHER universes, too.

No, the best possible way to find a business in your area is by using the Clicksmart directory. Clicksmart lets you find specific kinds of businesses in your area. Say you're looking for Greensboro Realtors or Realtors in Raleigh; all you do is go to Clicksmart, enter your zip code and city or state, and click on the category you want; click a few more times and you've got a listing of all the realtors that meet your criteria.

It works for other businesses and other cities -- so quit getting cleansing powder in your hair and stop finding plumbers on Earth Prime: Use Clicksmart to find the business you need in the area you live.

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