Tuesday, September 30, 2008

With this program, I can avoid this: reklmef09ruew

I joke about how much blogging I do at "work," but the truth is, I have to do most of it at work because I have two small Babies! at home -- okay, they're not small and they're not Babies!, they're two-year-old toddlers, which makes it worse, because the Babies!, as I still like to call them, are quite naturally fascinated with whatever Daddy does, including when Daddy is working on the computer. So they like to sit on Daddy's lap and watch him work, which makes it difficult to type, because my arms aren't that long.

And because they help me type and it comes out like this:reklmef09ruew .

Plus, I'm not exactly the fastest typist in the world. I do okay, but I think a lot faster than I type, and I talk a lot faster than I type. I was therefore very interested in Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred, a computer program that automatically transcribes what you say and puts it onto the screen.

With that program, or its companion Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard I could sit with Mr Bunches or Mr F on my lap -- as I'm actually doing right this minute


Mr Bunches! As I said, as I'm doing right this minute, and I could still blog or work on briefs for work or my novels, just by saying what it is I'm thinking. Hands free, so I can protect my coffee and my keyboard, and still work faster than trying to type it out.

It really works, too; the video that shows it working, and the NY Times Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking show that. Plus, it works in reverse-- if you do video podcasts you can make a transcription available for people, or to have as a record.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is going to make me twice the blogger, and four times the


I was before!

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