Monday, September 29, 2008

But at least the Brewers won -- so Brewers fans can put this off until tomorrow.

Look, I know it's not terribly fun to think about. But it's Monday, September's coming to an end and with it any real chance of decent weather, the Packers lost yesterday... so let's get this over with and think a little bit about what's going to happen when we die.

Not in the metaphysical, afterlife-y sense, but in the "what is my family going to do about my gravestone" sense. You want it to be done right, don't you? You want your family to know what your wishes are, and you want it to memorialize you in the manner that befits the life you had, or the life you wish you had. And you don't want to put additional pressure on your family, which has already had to deal with losing you, by making them make decisions about how to memorialize you.

With Astral Stone, you can pick out the memorial, headstone, or gravestone you want; Astral Stone memorials are lasting ones, created to uphold the solemn duty of honoring life and to do so in a lasting, dignified manner.

Don't put it off, and don't put it onto your loved ones; give some thought now to what's supposed to happen when you die, and then go to Astral Stone and get it set up in advance, to make sure you, or your loved ones, are remembered with honor.

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