Saturday, September 06, 2008

Want a t-shirt? And the recognition of your peers? But mostly, want a free t-shirt?

Well, you can get one by submitting your own Best to The Best of Everything. Believe me, I love reader submissions. Love them! I love them like the Abominable Snowman used to love Daffy Duck in those cartoons.

That's why, when someone like Susan nominates her own favorite fight scene in a movie (Norton's First Fight With Tyler In "Fight Club,"), I post it right away, and then the person is also entered in the year-end drawing to.... a free t-shirt!

I do it Because the chance to express your opinion and win a free t-shirt is the bedrock of our society. And I do it because I value your opinion. And I do it because I'm lazy. But mostly that bedrock stuff.

So send in your nominee: You know you think something is The Best. Tell me what it is by emailing it to me at thetroublewithroy[at]

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