Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This post features a french maid dusting a mummy, plus a quote from Dostoevsky, plus an explanation of the quote.

The translation of the phrase is "There's something of Piron inside of him," and as near as I can figure out Piron is "Alexis Piron," who is known as an "epigrammatist and dramatist." Piron rose to fame when me made an acclaimed one man show about Deucalion after the Deluge. He was "intimate" with two women, one of whom he married 20 years into their relationship.

The person who Dostoevsky says has a bit of Piron inside of him is Alexey's monk boss (?) who Alexey's dad is making fun of at the dinner when he (the dad) is drunk on brandy.  So now you know.

Monday, December 30, 2013

This is a post in which a sexy, barely-dressed woman looks out of some blinds and also there is a quote from the book "The Evil That Men Do."

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Claudius wanted to be the first man to reach the stars, but did it take murder to get there? Read the mind-bending, chilling story of an astronaut adrift in space and in his own mind in Eclipse:

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This is a post about a story on another blog.

Today on lit, a place for stories:

"Sippy Cups, Earbuds, and Something That Surely Isn't Wine," a debut short story from Tina Downey about strange things happening during a rest stop in a small town:

Lisa gulps chardonnay and texts Keith again. The boys seem oblivious to the changes now, so she's not as worried about them. But what if something weird is happening to Keith?

Suddenly Tim is crying and Jace is trying to console him. 

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

This is a post with a sexy almost naked woman sleeping and a quote from Dostoevsky.

"We here are all of little faith, only from carelessness, because 
we haven't time; things are too much for us, and, in the second place, the Lord God has given us so little time, only twenty-four hours in the day, so that one hasn't even time to get sleep enough, much less to repent of one's sins."

-- The Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoevsky

If Kim Kardashian gets a mohawk, I totally get credit for this.

I saw an article this morning that talked about how celebrities have to do all this crazy stuff to their hair to get noticed and keep looking hip and trendy: they dye it blonde or cut it short or spike it or some other dramatic (and probably damaging to hair) and long-lasting thing.

When what they could be doing is going to the http://finefeatherheads.com site and finding dramatic and interesting new looks without having to go to all that work.

I saw the featherheads site a while back and pointed it out to our own girls, who (I noticed this as an observant father) have hair.  The site offers various feather-based hair extensions and hair chalk: They can be woven into hair or used as accents and colorings that don't last for a million years or wreck your hair but still can look amazing.  If you are a girl, or know one, I'd check them out.  And if you're one of the stylists employed by those celebrities, I'd do that soon before you have to give Kim Kardashian a mohawk or something.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I think that I shall never see/something requiring as much work as ALL THESE STUPID TREES.

Did you get all your yardwork done before snow fell? Or are you one of those lucky people on whom snow never really falls? I hope you latter folk know how lucky you are. For the rest of us, snow is here, winter is serious now, and while that means that yardwork is pretty much done for a few months (other than shoveling out from deeper and deeper blizzards), it's not a bad idea to give some thought to the stuff you'll have to do once the snow clears and spring is here. (63 days and counting down as I write this!).

 Once spring gets here, you're going to have dead branches to prune off, probably some trees that didn't make it through the ice storms and snowfalls of the winter, and other work to do to keep your yard looking great and keep it from becoming hazardous.

Take it from a guy who knows, about that last part: a few years back we had a dead tree branch fall and knock out the power to our house, resulting in a dangerous situation AND my having to spend $150 for a hotel room at a place that didn't even offer continental breakfast!

So I keep a bookmark on the Sherrill Tree website. They've got arborist supplies for everyone, from pros to amateurs like me. Chainsaws to cut up fallen logs, eye protection and other safety gear, ropes and riggings for the guys who really do the technical stuff, if it'll help you take care of tree work, they've got it.