Friday, September 19, 2008

It was Jean-Claude Van Damme. That's who it was. And I'd have totally beat him.

I've got a friend -- I'll call him "my friend" -- who's into "Mixed Martial Arts." He was telling me all about it the last time we got together, and I was very impressed with the way he described it; it sounds like a great workout, a really tough challenge, and an excellent sport.

It also sounds like it's an awful lot of work, and would lead to a lot of pain if a guy like me, who at this point is made up of 92.3% BBQ Fritos, were to take part in it.

Which is too bad, because I would like to be a tough guy and get in shape and I would like even more to wear cool MMA Gear like the stuff they've got on sale at MMA

I mean, check this stuff out.

Awesome, no? Yes. They've got shirts like that, plus even more cool stuff over there. And not just t-shirts and things to show you're into it. They've got actual MMA gear to use during the ... what're they called, bouts? Fights? Matches? I don't know. When "my friend" was talking, I was mostly picturing ME getting into the... ring? Arena? Mat? Something... and taking on Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan and that one guy who used to be really big in martial arts movies, the French guy, you know who I'm talking about.

So if you are into MMA, or if you just want to look like you are, then head over to MMA Warehouse and get the gear you need to show your love of the sport -- and to take part in it.

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