Saturday, September 06, 2008

Halloween: Mostly, but not just, for the kids.

This year, after the Babies! go trick-or-treating, I want Sweetie to wear this.

After all, Halloween isn't just for kids, right?

Okay, right, but it's mostly for kids, and when you say "kids" and "Halloween," you are saying, in a nutshell:

Superhero Costumes

Kids love to be superheroes. They spend their entire lives, it seems, putting on their pajamas and a towel for a cape and running around the house and diving off the couch onto the cushions, and no, Sweetie, I don't know WHERE they learned that and I don't care if they said "from Daddy."

So if they're going to do that, why not go all-out and get them the full-fledged costume for their favorite superhero for Halloween -- that day when it's okay to run around outside and be a superhero? Our kids love Halloween, for just that reason: they get to dress up as the characters they love to pretend to be.

You can even do it from the comfort of your own home, right now, by following this link to the Halloween Adventures' 'Halloween Costume Stores that sell great superhero costumes online. They'll process your order in 24 hours, and you'll generally get it in one business day... so you won't have to worry that all the good costumes will sell out, or that you'll have to drag all the kids to a store and fight the crowds.

Plus, when you see the costumes they've got there, you'll be amazed -- not just superheroes, but every kind of costume a kid could want.

It's easy -- click and buy. It's fast -- 24 hours! And you don't have to load the kids into the car and drive around town looking for costumes. Halloween Adventure is perfect for the kids costumes. And, you just might pick up a little something for the grown-ups!

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Anonymous said...

Cool costumes.
I found a really cool site that has Halloween Projectors that you can use to project halloween images onto your house. They have one that projects animated Halloween laser movies too. Pretty cool! Check them out at Holiday Projectors