Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Clean carpet is also my excuse for having a second bowl of Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch.

We just got our carpet cleaned, and you know what that means: Our carpet looks great -- but our furniture now looks old and dingy. Which gives me a great excuse to upgrade our living room furniture.

New couch, new table, new bookcases, new... everything. And I don't even have to leave my office to do it; I don't have to spend a day with Sweetie traipsing around town from store to store, loading and unloading the Babies! and trying to keep them behaving while we get pressured by salespeople, because I can order it all through Max Furniture.

I love furniture shopping online, and Max Furniture makes it even better because they've got furniture not for just one or two rooms in the house, but for every room. Their site is addictive; I go there to look for a new couch and end up checking out bathroom vanities and then thinking about redoing our bedroom.

Plus, they're having a summer clearance right now, so their low prices and some free shipping offers coincide with my clean carpet and need for new stuff to sit on.

They even sell home office furniture, so I may just pick up a new desk and stuff so that I'm no longer doing my blogging at the kitchen table surrounded by old Froot Loops!

But the best part is the Max Furniture room planner -- it lets you plan out the room and make sure that you know how to organize the room you're going to furnish in advance, so you won't have to worry about how you're going to arrange it or whether it will all fit.

Our clean carpet is my excuse for new furniture -- but the great prices and options at Max Furniture can be your excuse -- so whatever the reason, go order some new furniture now!

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