Tuesday, September 23, 2008

800,000 Volts of Peace of Mind.

Oldest moved into a new apartment last April; being a young person, she doesn't have the most money and the apartment is not in the best part of town.

We're lucky that this is Wisconsin and "not the best part of town" doesn't mean "horribly dangerous." But it's still not a nice place to live.

We moved her in about 7 p.m., and it was dark out. The houses around there had some boarded up windows, the kind that instantly make you think "crack house," and we felt it necessary to have someone always outside when the truck was unlocked. We didn't see almost anyone out that night, which alone was nerve-wracking enough: what kind of neighborhood has everybody off the streets by dark? When one car went by, I made sure that I stood out by the truck and had Oldest and The Boy inside.

There is trouble in her neighborhood, and it's started to affect her. A few months ago, she had the lug nuts stolen off of her car. We don't have much crime in our city, but what we do have tends to be within shouting distance of her neighborhood.

So I worry about Oldest living there. She's a 21 year old girl who shouldn't be walking around, driving around, or living in bad neighborhoods.

But she does live in one, and that's why I'm considering getting her the Firefly Stun Pen -- this thing over to the right here.

They've got that for sale for $66 at Planet Mace Pepper Spray, and $66 seems like a bargain, given what it can do for Oldest's safety and my peace of mind. It's got 800,000 volts, and is compact, so it could be carried in a purse. It also has a keychain light and a driver alert to help keep Oldest awake.

She hasn't had much trouble yet, and I guess thieves live everywhere; it's just that more of them seem to live around her. I'd feel a lot better if she had something like this with her when she gets home late from work or a night out, and I bet she would, too.

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