Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reader Submissions: Best Mascot!

Way way way back when, I had picked out the Best Mascot for a team, choosing the Rock Island Rocks. Back then, too, I also had, apparently, a rule that people who submitted a nomination must tell me their name and their reasons why.

I say "apparently" because I have no idea what my younger self was thinking. That's not entirely true; I have some idea what my younger self was thinking, because my younger self and I share some thoughts in common (mostly 'BBQ Fritos are tasty') but I honestly don't know why I would have imposed that rule because it goes against everything I stand for.

You may not have been aware that I actually stand for anything - -but I do. I stand for a lot of things (mostly 'BBQ Fritos are tasty'.) Whatever other things I stand for, I no longer stand for the proposition that people have to leave a name to pick a Best -- so I give you, without further ado, not one but TWO nominations for Best Mascot:

From Anonymous, we get:

The Boiling Springs Bubblers beat all. Who else had a bubble as their mascot?

And, from... Anonymous... we get:

Although I grew up around the Bubblers, you have to give some respect to your neighbors, the Biglerville High School Canners.

That must have been quite a rivalry growing up, what with the high school chants and all (I made this one up: "Biglerville... yes we CAN!") and the fact that none of the students had names.

I do have to question, though: Anonymous, isn't a bubbler a drinking fountain? Are you with me, people from Milwaukee?

Send in your submissions today! For their troubles, Anonymouses get entered in the year-end drawing for a t-shirt!

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