Saturday, September 06, 2008

Everything will be back to normal Sunday

Hey, all you TBOE-ers (TBOErs? I like that better.) Hey, all you TBOErs, I didn't post any real new stuff yesterday or today -- except for the closer look at The Best Celebrity Recipe, which you should totally check out-- because it's The Babies! second birthday weekend, so I'm spending most of my time playing Cloverfield (the game, not the movie) and finding an excuse to have a 14th piece of cake.

But things will be back to normal tomorrow when I'll once again say Shame on America and Monday, when I'll pick up where I left off with Showdown September.

Until then, use the time to get caught up on these:

Thinking The Lions: Life, only funnier

Nonsportsmanlike Conduct!
-- the sports blog for people who hate sports blogs.

Babies! Babies! Pets! Pets!-- the only internet site with pictures of babies! and pets!

AfterDark: the web's best horror stories. Find out what happens after dark.

Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World!
A web novel about Rachel, who wakes up one day and decides to follow the advice of her octopus and head south, where everything's going great until she narrowly escapes Hell with the help of a Valkyrie, only to get kidnapped by Rex the Dog and Reverend Tommy. What?!? Just read it!

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