Monday, September 15, 2008

And if she's indifferent to something, she'll usually just watch cooking shows.

I tried to get Middle to look at the Cheap Jeans they've got on sale over at Heavenly Couture -- that's the store for girls that has everything for sale for $17.95 or less -- but Middle is a teenage girls, so instead of coming over to look at the computer screen, she went upstairs to watch reruns of "Felicity" on DVD.

Which I will take to mean that she liked the stuff at Heavenly Couture, because when she DOESN'T like something, she watches "Gray's Anatomy" on DVD instead. So take it from me -- Middle likes the stuff at Heavenly Couture, and will enjoy it when I have Sweetie buy her back-to-school winter clothes from there.

Which Sweetie will definitely be doing, because not only is everything $17.95 or less, all the time, at Heavenly Couture, but also a lot of the stuff there, including those crazy wide-leg jeans that the kids like, is about $13 now. ($13.80 to be exact.)

They've got more than just jeans; they've got all kinds of Teen Clothes on sale at Heavenly Couture at prices that I can definitely afford; at the prices they've got -- $17.95 or less for everything-- I can afford even more, so finally Middle won't think I'm a cheapskate.

Or she'll still think I'm a cheapskate, but at least she'll appreciate that this time my cheapness helped her get a lot more of the Teen Clothes she likes than usual-- from tops to skirts to jackets to jeans, Heavenly Couture is the only place I ever didn't mind shopping for her clothes at.

And -- and this is important-- I didn't have to go traipsing around the mall. I just had to use the computer WHILE watching Monday Night Football. That's awesome.

So check out Heavenly Couture. If Middle liked it, everyone's teenage daughter will like it.

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