Wednesday, September 03, 2008

There's a new LASIK in town...

Want to know just how far LASIK technology has come and just how safe and dependable and effective it is? So did I, which is why I was reading an article the other about LASIK information.

People, including me, are understandably a little gun-shy about having lasers shot into our eyes. But while a little caution is warranted -- it is surgery, and it's surgery on your eyes -- the fear may be overblown, at least according to what I read.

The article said that iLasik Procedure-- the most modern form of LASIK -- uses two lasers. After mapping the individual's eye the first laser creates a "corneal flap," and the second laser, guided by the map, corrects your vision.

So there's no blades anymore, and the lasers are all guided by computers and works superfast, but also much more safely; the procedure has been clinically proven to provide great safety and great visual results.

How great? So great that the military and NASA use the technology -- one military evaluation said 95% of the patients ended up with 20/20 vision ... or better, even. 100% of naval aviators who underwent the surgery said they'd recommend it to other pilots.

So the old fears can be set aside because there's a new LASIK -- iLasik.

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