Monday, September 01, 2008

Feel safer.

Want to feel safer and keep your children safer? You need information on who's living around you. These days, people hardly know their neighbors and more and more people are moving in and out, and it makes it more difficult to know if your neighborhood is safe.

The National Child Registry has a way to fix that: Their online List Of Child Molesters is available at the click of a button. All you do is type in the ZIP Code you're concerned about and bingo- you find out how safe your area actually is... or isn't. A search of my own neighborhood showed 15 registered sex offenders living in the immediate area -- something I want to know, because we've got little Babies! and daughters.

It's free and easy to check, and if you've got concerns after that check, for a one-time $10 fee you can get more information including color photos of the offenders, and a Child ID kit to help keep your kids safe. That's money well spent in anyone's budget.

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