Saturday, August 02, 2008

Complete with sound effects? Now, that is full service blogging.

In the past week,we've had to register Middle and The Boy for school -- that cost nearly $600. We then had to pay for Middle's senior pictures. Another $400 down (on top of the $250). Then Chocolate Herman James Brown The Wonder Kitten got sick and had to go to the vet. 200 buckaroonies: fwhoooosh. (That's the sound of money being sucked out of my wallet faster than blogging can put it back in.

On weeks like that, it's necessary to have access to a little extra cash. But the boss has been hiding the petty cash box in better and better spots, so when money gets tight, families with Middles and Chocolate Herman James Brown The Wonder Kittens can turn to Payday Loans to help get past a momentary financial crunch.

National Finance Service provides just those type of Personal Loans to people like you and me who every now and then need a couple extra bucks to get them through to payday with all their kittens and kids and senior pictures in order. Click on over to their site and get ready to hear:

hsoooohwf. (That's the sound of money going back into my wallet!)


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