Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If I get the first grounding lifted, there's just three more to go.

True story: My dad called me last night and asked me to help him look for a car. He hurt his knee a while back and has trouble walking a lot, so he doesn't want to go tramping around car dealerships. He was wondering if I could use "all these computers" I have to help him.

I sure can, I told him, and I asked him what kind of car he's looking for. "A Nissan Altima," he said.

I was off to the races and it didn't take long, because finding used car prices on "all these computers" I've got is a piece of cake. I just went over to and put in my criteria:




2005 to 2009

price from 0 to $20,000.

And bingo, 158 different cars to choose from.

Dad will be seriously impressed, I think, when I call him up with these results. Impressed enough, maybe, to finally lift that grounding he put on me when I was 16 for not mowing the lawn. doesn't just find you the car prices; it lets you evaluate cars, has new and used car reviews, and a newsletter. Plus, right now, if you go there and evaluate your own car, you're entered into a contest to win a vacation!

Go to when you're shopping for a new car; it'll give you a chance to win a vacation, give you the information you need, and may just help you impress my Dad.

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