Friday, August 29, 2008

I would be a bat and come swooping after you.

Welcome to The Best of Everything!

New today: Some bright ideas will probably destroy the human race. Other ideas will save the world and make us all happy and involve songs by Spoon and songs about Lions. Guess which idea I had. (Hint: the good one!)

Featured Best: I'm writing a novel that's titled with a line from the poem; it's mentioned on Babies! Babies! Pets! Pets! today to wrap up "August Is Poetry Month," and it's completely ungrammatical. But, oh, how it sings! Read The Best Poem.

Newest best: Alas, poor Lenin, we hardly knew ye. Miss the days of bomb shelters, Red Scares, and the "Domino theory?" They don't make fake media scares like they used to. But I point out how to fix that in The Best Media Scare That Turned Out To Be Not That Big A Deal.

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