Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Best? Great. Trusted? Greater. Least Expensive? Great-tastic!

I'm through moving myself. I'm through trying to find boxes and bags and pack everything and then carry everything down stairs and up stairs and outside and inside and putting it on the van and taking it off the van and carrying it down stairs and upstairs and inside and outside.

I'm through.

I last moved US about 5 years ago, when we moved into our present house. Then, earlier this year, I had to help Oldest move to her new apartment, and it was a crummy night of slogging through slush and snow carrying couch cushions and lamps. One box broke open and we spilled her kitchen stuff all over the road, and had to try to find the broom she was moving.

The reason I always tried to move myself was because I was worried about the expense of hiring movers, and also about finding a quality mover who won't just wreck my stuff or steal it.

Now, though, with Moving Companies Online, I don't have to worry. MOving Companies Online, which can be found at "MovingCompaniesOnline.Com," lets me sort through all kinds of moving companies and choose the one I like best; their website offers right up front some choices: Do I want to move myself? (NO!) or pick a company? (YES!)

Click on that link, and I'm able to get quotes from moving companies -- moving companies that are licensed and insured, so they're not just some guy with a pickup and a hangover.

The quotes are free, too, so it's not like I'm obligated to pay anything or running any risk here.

From the "get a quote link" it's a quick trip to picking my mover-- type in zip codes and expected move size and not much is left after that.

Moving Companies Online is dedicated to making a move easy and affordable; I'm all over that, believe me. They'll help you find the best, least expensive most trustworthy home moving companies for your move.

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