Friday, August 29, 2008

So I went out and found myself a guy that's so much wiser.

Welcome to The Best of Everything!

New today: What are the top 5 decades ever in human existence? Not the 1960s -- as I explain when I detail the only significant thing about the 1960s in "The Best Groovy Instrument."

Then: also kind of new:

Some bright i
deas will probably destroy the human race. Other ideas will save the world and make us all happy and involve songs by Spoon and songs about Lions. Guess which idea I had. (Hint: the good one!)

Featured best: I don't usually do lists and countdowns -- I leave that to other, lesser sites, but I made an exception when I counted down The 7 Best Battles Between Good And Evil -- en route to picking The Best Showdown Between Good & Evil!

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