Friday, August 22, 2008

You can help, and it's easy.

People think that you have to be a genius or scientist or great doctor to help fight disease and make an impact. But that's not true; all you have to do is be a person who cares.

I care, and I try to do whatever I can; I donate blood and donate money to charities. I'm not a scientist or doctor (I am a genius, but only with respect to comic books) so I do what I can to help.

There's another way now that people can help fight disease - -and fight horrible diseases, at that: Helping advance stem cell research through a new technology that collects menstrual stem cells from women in a noninvasive, safe, clean way.

C'elle is the company that's done this pioneering step, and their collection method allows people to use stem cells now to help fight disease in the future. Joining C'elle means a woman will collect her menstrual stem cells and the company will use those cells then to help fight diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinsons' and more.

The cells are almost certain to help the donor, and even her close family -- and maybe all of society, too.

So women, you have a way to help out more than you ever knew. Find out more about C'elle through reading the C'elle Client Testimonial they have on their website. They also explain all
About the Science in a better way than I ever could.

Do what you can to help advance medical research -- especially when what you can do is so easy.


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