Monday, August 11, 2008

Plus, if we take them at home, we can include the cats. Sweetie always wants to include the cats.

Sweetie really loves sending Christmas Photo Cards, and I love making Sweetie happy. There's a bit of a problem, though, in that sending out Christmas cards can be expensive and time-consuming. Photographers don't come cheap, and getting the cards themselves requires not just a day at the photographer's studio, but then time going back and picking out the ones that we want, and then time going back and actually picking them up.

Really, it's kind of silly to spend all that time, and all that money, in the digital era; it should be faster and less expensive -- and it is, thanks to Christmas Cards Direct. Through Christmas Cards Direct, Sweetie and I can take photos already stored on our computer, and using simple click & drag input, select a card, crop the photos, and order sets of Christmas cards that'll be delivered to our house in just 2-3 weeks. No hassle, no going to the studio to have pictures taken, no going back to sort through 800 poses, and the cards come right to our doorstep.

They can even do company logos, so businesses can do their Christmas cards through them. Plus, they'll help make sure that the photos you use are good qualities -- they even provide Photo Card Taking Tips right on the site-- tips like making sure that you check out the background of your photos so that there's nothing wrecking the photo (like a tree coming right out the top of a head), or having everyone dress in the same color so that the photo looks professional. They even suggest using a photo of a big event or vacation in your card, to make it more personal and have it stand out a bit.

I've never liked having to schlep around just to get the Christmas cards Sweetie likes to send; now, I should be able to convince her that there's a better way, thanks to Christmas Cards Direct.

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