Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy 2nd birthday, boys! Leave the TV alone, please!

In two weeks, exactly, it's The Babies! birthday -- Birthday number two, and I know exactly what I'm going to do for them. I'm going to throw a party, and I'm going to shower them with gifts that hopefully will keep them happy and interested in their new toys, and make them that much less likely to spend their time throwing stuff at the TV.

So you see, I'm not spoiling them by getting them presents. I'm protecting my investments in high-end electronics.

I can get them tons and tons of toys using the 20% off promotion codes for gift shopping available at Best Online Coupons. Best Online Coupons gets discounts on, it seems, everything. I mean that.

Everything like discounts on toys and games from dozens of stores like Amazon, Target, and Wal-mart. They've got a whole page of coupons and discounts from K-B Toys alone.

But I'm not just thinking small toys; I'm thinking bigger and better and more outside-y; outside is good. Fresh air, green grass, warm sun... no direct line of fire to the TV... That's where the online daily discounts and deals from Toys R Us comes in -- they've got all the outdoor slides and swings and forts and cars and bikes I'll need to distract the Babies! from smashing things.

Until winter comes, that is. Then I'll need sleds and stuff, and warmer clothes -- but I'll be prepared because I can get them those clothes now, using the Childrens Place discounts Best Online Coupons has. is completely free to use. They've got discounts and online deals and savings codes and more. They'll save you time, they'll save you money, and they'll save ME my TV.


Maria said...

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