Friday, August 22, 2008

I like anyone that does the thinking for me.

It seems like everyone and everything has a website or blog or homepage or something these days -- which means that everyone and everything has a webhost to host that blog or page or site.

Odds are that the amount of thought put into the webhost was almost nil, since nobody ever thinks about the webhost for their site. Well, almost nobody -- thinks about them -- a lot.

Webhostingrating is a fascinating site that evaluates, compares, and instructs on the various people engaged in webhosting out there -- the companies and sites that will let you post your stuff on the Internet. Webhostingrating has all kinds of information about more topics than you can imagine right now -- ranging from Unix Hosting information to CMS hosts to articles about how to evaluate inexpensive -- that's "Cheap" to you and me -- web hosts.

You don't have to think about webhosts, because Webhostingrating has already done the thinking for you; just go there, and take advantage of all the work they've done to make sure you get the best webhost for your needs.

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