Friday, August 29, 2008

Is "Excellent Super Great" really a credit rating?

Got a little extra time at work today? Of course you do. So why not use that extra time toApply for a Credit Card over at CardHub? It's so easy and quick to do, you're boss will never know -- and you could improve your credit rating and get a new credit card before you head home today.

Here's what you do: Click that link. (Not YET! Read the rest of the directions first!). It'll take you to CardHub. Down the left side, you'll see a couple of categories asking you about your credit rating and what's important to you. Click the correct answers and Viola!--

Yes, I know it's Voila, I was making a little joke there--

You've got a selection of cards.

So I did that, and I checked "Excellent Super Great Credit Rating," then individual cards, then rewards, then that I wanted a Visa (it's everywhere I want to be!), and got a bunch of cards to choose from, and by clicking on the one I liked, I not only got information about that card in particular, (which for me was the Capital One Platinum but I could apply for it right away online there.

All while the Boss thinks I'm "working." Easy to choose, easy to apply, that's Cardhub.

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