Thursday, August 28, 2008

Don't you want to read "Velociraptors, My Butt?"

Way back when, I wrote the second-most-controversial thing I've ever said about anything, in an essay titled "Velociraptors, My Butt." You can't find that on the Internet anymore, but you can get it in my book of essays,

Thinking The Lions, and 117* Other Ways To Look At Life (*Give Or Take)

The book ss available for purchase through; get to it right away by clicking here.

Plus, for just two more days, I'm having a contest. Click that link (or this one), to see the picture on the front cover of the book, and then come up with a caption for the cover photo (Note: The photo on this entry is not the cover photo, so don't try to take the easy way out!)

The winner will have their caption promoted on each and every one of my blogs, plus will win a free copy of the book!

To submit your caption, leave it as a comment here, or email it to me at


(You know the drill -- put in "@" for the bracketed stuff!)

Contest ends August 31!

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