Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Best of Multiple Choice.

I liked that poll I did about Paris Hilton so much -- and so did the people who responded to it -- that I've decided to make it a new weekly feature; each week, I'll post a new poll related to a previous nomination, and take votes on it.

So the first of these is this: Way, way back when, the day I first started The Best of Everything, just a kid with a gleam in his eye, a couple of nickels in his pocket and a few internets to spare, I posted The Best Book, for which I nominated The Return of The King.

That nomination has stood, unchallenged, for longer than Minas Tirith formed a tower of good holding off the evil of Mordor*. So let's dust it off, hold it up to the light, and ask ourselves, regarding that nomination, [SPOILER ALERT IN THIS POLL!],

Was that last little bit, after they'd won the war and went back to the Shire only to find that Saruman had taken over the Shire:
A. A nice way to cap it off?

B. Unnecessary and tacked on?

C. What? Only nerds debate this stuff.

Vote in the poll to the left -- and leave a comment explaining your vote!

*(Yes, I am geeky for saying it that way. But I used to play D&D. And I miss it sometimes. Just like I miss being a kid. And I miss Herman's Head. That was a great TV show.)

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