Friday, August 22, 2008

Update on Mateo and McHale Shaw

Remember Mateo and McHale Shaw, the miracle twins who were given only a 5% chance of surviving when they were born? They're more than two years old, and despite having had 25 surgeries between them since their birth, they (and their parents) are going strong.

The parents have a website on Caring Bridge where they post pictures and more details than I could ever recount. You can get to it by clicking this link, then, when you see the box down on the left that says "Visit A Caring Bridge Website", type mateoandmchale.

Here's the update from their parents:

Busy week so far. Sunday I took the boys to my parents. Grandma and Grandpa gave them an early X-mas gift, little cars that we push. They can sit in,that have a place for their feet to rest and a steering wheel that they can "drive" and beep. The boys loved them and really loved going for rides in them. We set up a little pool and the boys splashed around and blew bubbles in the water. Mateo did get to go swimming in my parents pool but McHale can't yet since his previous surgery so we pushed him on a floaty. They slept good that nite!

McHale had a follow up with neurology and all looks good. Mateo did really well when we took him to get new impressions for a new AFO. McHale has an ingrown toenail that is getting yucky so he will be seeing the pediatrician tomorrow for that. Other than that the boys have had therapy as usual and are doing good. We have been going for walks at night and that seems to do the trick with winding them down for bed time.

McHale is getting really good at his ABC's and rarely misses any letters. Mateo still sings them all day but is getting shy to sing infront of people. Many people asked if we could upload them singing, we can try to upload it to a site and if it works then we will post the link. Never tried it before but we will see what we can do!

These parents are great people, and are doing great things; in addition to their hard work raising the boys, they're helping build an accessible playground. They need financial help, though -- their insurance is maxed out and they have lots and lots of medical bills.

You've got extra money; you know you do. Send a little of it to help out. You can make donations to:

Mateo and McHale Shaw Irrevocable SNT
C/O Kohler Credit Union
850 Woodlake Road

Kohler, WI 53044

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