Saturday, August 16, 2008

Freshfunds & Phyto!

Have you ever seen "The Sproutwells?"

I stumbled across this the other day, and I really like it -- especially Rosie, the woman who doesn't quite know what to do about the dog, Phyto -- "call weed control" was a great line, wasn't it?

I watched this episode a couple of times through, and enjoyed it a lot -- especially the little 'kid' in the diapers -- and I thought it was neatly weird that they're plant-things that know that they're plant-things, and that Rosie knows they are, too, and doesn't really like it. It sort of reminded me of "The Munsters," where they thought they were normal and nobody else did.

You shouldn't just watch this one, though; you should click over and check out all the offerings from the sproutwells and if you do, you might just figure out the mystery of!

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